Animal Communication - Energy Work

I also do animal communicator for those of you that want to gain a different perspective of what your furry friends are trying to tell you.

  • Have you ever wanted to know what your pet is thinking?
  • Do they have certain behaviours you can't seem to understand? 
  • Do you have the sense they are trying to tell you something but you're not able to perceive what?

I am here to help you get answers to these questions, and  many more.

As each situation and household is unique, my approach differs according to my clients’ needs. Sometimes we will have a face to face meet-up at your residence in which I am able to sense using all my senses or we can meet via virtual means or over the phone for those of you that are further away. My preference is to meet you and your animal in your home to get a sense of their surroundings, routine, and the family dynamics.

 At the very least, I would need your pets name, age, location as well as a photo if we are connecting over the phone or email. 

Specific questions seem to get the best responses.

We will connect twice for one session. The intake or initial meet as well as a follow up where I would share with you any messages or answers I would have received while I tune into your pet. Both can be within an hour or I can split them up to meet your scheduling needs.

I also provide energy work for your pet or furry friend. This is usually done as distance work but  can also be done in your home. Most sessions are at least 30 minutes.


To schedule an appointment please use the Booking page, or if you have questions about my services, fill out the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Note that I only offer my services on Saturdays, as well as Thursday evenings. If you cannot find a day and time that fits your schedule, please let me know and we can arrange something that will fit your needs.

I do have a cat. If you have allergies and prefer me come to your home, please let me know.