Energy Work

What is Energy Work?

Energy work is a form of complementary and alternative medicine based on the belief that a vital energy flows through the human body. The goal of energy work is to balance the energy flow in the client. It is used to reduce stress and anxiety and promote well-being. 

Energy healing is a holistic practice where practitioners channels universal life force (or healing energy) into a client to help balance, promote health and remove blockages from the body. 

Everything in this universe is made up of molecules that are vibrating at various frequencies. The molecules within our bodies are no different.  Our energetic bodies are intertwined with our physical bodies. All the traumas we carry physically, emotionally and psychologically impact the functionality of our energy systems 

To maintain vibrant health, the body needs its energies to have energetic space to flow freely throughout the body. When energies become blocked because of traumas, toxins, prolonged stress and muscular constrictions, it creates disturbances in the energy flow in our bodies, which over time contributes to mental, emotional issues and/or ailments and even physical disease.

All living things have an energetic body.Often there is a misconception that only spiritual people can benefit from energy healing. Energy healing is available to everyone who is open and willing to receive it.

A lot of energy medicine modalities, like reiki treatments, transcend time and space. This is why we don’t have to be located in the same  place for a treatment.

During an energy healing treatment, clients will feel little to no physical discomfort.  In-person sessions, clients will be lying comfortably on the massage table (fully clothed) while I non-invasively assesses their energetic body. I will then work to release any blockages that are ready to be released. Some clients have and will experience variety of emotions or physical sensations as the rebalancing process takes place. Some of these can include, sadness, tiredness, anger and tingling throughout the body. As deep rooted emotions or trauma that have been held tightly in the body unwind, these emotions and feelings  come to the surface to be released. Just allow them to be what they are without attachment as they are released from your body.  The goals is by the end of your treatment you will feel lighter, relaxed and be in a blissed out state as your energy body is in a state of flow and balance.

When doing energy work, I may be called to do energy work on specific area's on or off the body.  I'm essentially tapping into holding patterns as well as different vibrational fields.  I am able to read into or “feel” my clients bodies energy. My goal is to help in assist in moving stuck or stagnate energies. It is also possible for you not to feel anything during the treatment, and that is perfectly okay. Work is still being done.

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to healing. Energy medicine doesn’t replace Western Medicine and vice versa. This doesn’t mean both modalities or therapies can’t work to effectively support, balance, and restore your body. 



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