Craniosacral Therapy Testimonials

I always feel rejuvenated and balanced after a session with Jennie. Her intuitive nature allows me to completely relax and know I am in good hands. Since I have started using her as part of my regular self care practice my whole health has improved. I feel more calm and peace after a session. I feel stronger physically and mentally and I highly recommend her services. 


Jennie has a way of knowing and feeling just what a person needs. I've always left feeling better than when I arrived both physically and emotionally. And if you're open to it, has very wise, intuitive and perceiving insight. I will definitely return. I always look forward to having work done by Jennie because she is so good at what she does and she is such a lovely person and it's such a lovely experience that I feel a whole body and spirit rejuvenation. Thanks Jennie! 


Animal Communication Testimonials

Jennie has helped us so much, when we were having issues with both our cat and dog. Her deep love for animals, coupled with her huge heart and natural intuitive abilities helped us to better understand how we could facilitate their healing and development. Jennie was bang on when she tuned in to what our animals were needing at the time. I will no doubt continue to call on her whenever our beloved pets are struggling with physical or emotional issues in the future. Thank you Jennie for  sharing your very special gift! Our beloved pets thank you too!



My cat Mixa had ran away for 3 months due to a stressful dog chasing incident. To add to her stress I moved to a new home where her only access to the outdoors was an apartment deck. She peed on my bed twice and I was unsure if I should keep her or not as she seemed so unhappy. I asked Jennie to investigate if it might be best that I rehome my sweet girl.

Jennie was thoughtful, compassionate, and really took the time to listen. With her insight and suggestions, Mixa is now very comfortable in her new environment going on 8 months, with no more bed wetting. Hearing what Jennie had to say made it easy to make the needed changes and to think about my relationship with my animal differently. Thanks Jennie